Keep it simple - don't complicate muscle gain

PFC tip of the day:
by Jeffrey R Graffius & Jodi Miceli


Gaining muscle is not a complicated process. Unfortunately, the mainstream supplement & fitness industry will try to convince you it is. As a drug free, natural training enthusiast, you must understand how the body’s response to stress results in more muscle tissue. The intense training session is merely a “stimulus” for muscle growth. The body, if sufficient rest & nutrition is applied, will adapt by increasing cross sectional muscle hypertrophy to be able to better handle this stress the next time it is encountered. There is no magical “supplement” that will expedite this process or give you “magical” results. Your best bet, is to always focus on real, whole food. At PFC, we believe in a diet that is high in fat & protein, while using carbs strategically depending on your individual insulin sensitivity.


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