Cheat Meal Damage Control

 An effective strategy to guard against fat accumulation on days you will be consuming extra calories & carbs, as well as to guard against metabolic damge, is simply switching to leaner choices of protein in the meals leading up to the “cheat meals” or “G.R.P” (glycogen replenishment phase). This will reduce the total calories consumed, and will avoid the fat storing effects of high insulin levels + high fat intake ( a bad combo for those looking to be lean).  Try keeping the high carb meal to the last meal of the day. Our reasoning behind this, is in part that, if you consume a high carb meal earlier in the day, it will make you extremely tired & lethargic, as well as making it more likely that you’ll end up lengthening the carb up window far longer than the recommended 2 hour limit that we suggest.

Another extremely effective tool in guarding against fat accumulation, would be to fast for 14-18 hours after the last meal (usually on Saturday evening). So, for example, you finished eating at 9:00 Saturday evening…you would fast until at least 1:00 Sunday afternoon. Just keep yourself busy Saturday morning and it’s actually very easy to do. Make sure Sunday is right back on schedule with the strict low carb/ketogenic diet.

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